Khatling Trekking

Region: Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand
Duration : 18 Days
Altitude : 3900 mts
Grade : Tough
Season : Apr – May Sep- Oct

Trekking Routes for Khatling Trekking :

Delhi - Rishikesh - Ghuttu- Reeh -Gangi- Kharsali - Bhedikharag – Khatling Glacier - Bhedikharag - Kharsali – Gangi- Panwali Kantha-  Maggu Chatti- Trijuginarayan – Gaurikund- Haridwar - Delhi

The Khatling glacier trek is a very scenic one, and travels along the Bhilangana river valley with its source at the Khatling Glacier – the point of emergence of river Bhilangna. The Bhilangna Valley is a delight not only for the nature lover and the trekker but also the photographer, and replete with stunning views of snow capped peaks and hanging glaciers. The Khatling glacier is ringed  by snow peaks of the Jogin group (6466 m), Sphetic Pristwar (6905 m), Barte Kauter (6579 m), Kirti Stambh (6902 m) and Meru. The trek covers thick forests and beautiful lush green grassy meadows in the beginning and then goes over moraines on the side of the glaciers and later over a very treacherous surface consisting of scree and loose moraine! All in all this trek provides one with a sense of achievement. The trek has the option to be modified to cover the picturesque Panwali Kantha high altitude grassland, on the return trip, to finally emerge at the Trijuginarayan temple (the sacred spot where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati tied the knot!

Day 01: Arrive Delhi

Upon arrival at Delhi met our representative and transfer to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 02: Delhi - Rishikesh (230 kms/6-7hrs)

Early in the morning catch an Ac 6.50hrs to Haridwar and meet with our Guide and transfer to hotel check in at the hotel. Evening free in Rishikesh. Dinner and overnight stay at Hotel.

Rishikesh : Situated at the foothills of Garhwal hills along Ganges, Rishikesh is a gateway to the important religious places of Badrinath, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Yamunotri. Places of interest includes visit to Bharat Mandir the oldest temple in Rishikesh, Neelkanth Mahadev, this is believed to be the place where Lord Shiva drank the poison churn out of the cosmic ocean among many other temples. Also visit some of its many Ashrams: Ashrams are centers for spiritual studies, meditation, Yoga, sacred prayers besides being residential centers for the resident gurus.

Day 03 : Rishikesh - Ghuttu (170 kms/ 4-5 hrs)

Morning after breakfast proceed for the long journey by road taking the road along the Ganga valley, followed by the Alaknanda valley, and finally entering the Bhilangana river valley. One can see the outer reaches of the famed (and controversial Tehri Dam) on the way to Ghuttu, the starting point of the trek, with its wide step farming fields growing rice, wheat, vegetables etc. The abundance of water make this village relatively prosperous. This village is set in a valley, surrounding by steep mountains on all sides covered by dense greenery! Upon arrival check-in at rest house / camp.

Day 04 : Ghuttu- Reeh (1524 mts) 10 kms /4 - 5 hrs

The trek for the first day starts with a late breakfast, and packed lunch packets are issued, The steep climb of 10 km till Reeh (also known locally as Reeh Chhani), beckons as the , the entire trail passes goes steeply uphill in beginning while proceeding through the valley of the river Devling, The latter part passing through Deolang village, becomes steeper and the trail climbs through Chir Pine, and Rhododendron forests, and thick groves of the local bamboo (Known as "Ringaal" locally)! . The camp site is located near a flat area near the forest. Dinner and overnight stay in tents.

Day 05 : Reeh - Gangi (2606 mts) - 12 kms /4 - 5 hrs)

The morning starts with breakfast and issuing of packed lunch packets, and the climb begins almost instantly! The aching muscles from the previous day's ordeal need to be rested a bit so as not to pull a muscle, since this is just the second day of the trek! The incline keeps changing from gradual to steep and vice versa, crossing a series of small meadow patches high above the valley. The crossing of the the top of the ridge, is rewarded by a fine view of Panwali Kantha grasslands to the south south of Ghuttu. The people here are like no others in the entire area.. Everyone wears traditional "long coat" type of dress made out of local wool, and have very little contact with outside world. Their livelihood depends on agriculture and goat and sheep rearing, the residents of Reeh shift to Gangi in summer months. Gangi (8550 feet) is a large village consisting of more than 100 houses. It is summer abode for the villagers of Reeh, Nalan and Devkhuri. In summer time, when the snow melts, the villagers take their herds for grazing to greener pastures in the higher reaches and in winter to lower altitudes. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 06 : Gangi - Kharsali (3110 mts) 11 kms/5 hrs

Morning post breakfast, trek for 5 hours to Kharsali with packed lunch packets. The trail drops initially for an hour to Deokhri Channi, a winter settlement for the villagers of Gangi. From these Chhanis, a half an hour through the forest takes one to a fork in the trail, just beyond the Kalyani stream. The trail going to the left leads to Sahastratal lake 4872 mts. And the one on the right to Khatling - continuing straight through an open area known locally as Birodh. From here it is two hours to Kharsali, which is a large meadow surrounded by giant conifers and Oaks, and an ideal camping place. Overnight in camp.

Day 07 : Kharsali - Bhedikharag (3700 mts) 6 hrs

In the morning trek to Bhedikharag resumes after breakfast with packed lunch. The bridge over the Kharsali stream is crossed and the trail continues further along the forest track to Bhelbagi. The route follows the river for almost two Km along a slight upward incline, then rises sharply going through thick bush,consisting juniper and silver birch and passing by Bhumkodaar cave to the left of the trail. Another 2 to 3 km. of climbing brings one to the Tamakund cave- an area best known for its exotic flora! From this point, it is a mere 1 hour of walk to reach another good camping site at Bhedikharg.. Dinner and overnight in Camp.

Day 08 : Bhedikharag - Khatling - Bhedikharag (3900 mts/) 11 kms /6 hrs one way

After an early breakfast trek to Zero Point at Khatling Glacier. This day the climb is not the challenge, but the terrain is, and one has to be very surefooted walking over the gravely surface and the scree! Most of the day is spent walking, and there is not much time to be wasted at the glacier, as the ideal time for the return journey is scheduled for not later than 2 pm, as the darkness falls fast and the weather changes even faster at these altitudes. One can go no further than 500 - 700-metres over the glacier (the detailed visit to the glacier takes 2 days) .Since the remaining part of the day is spent in the return trek back to Bhedikharag, the photos of the glacier and the surrounding mountainsare quickly taken and preprations are made for return at 2pm. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 09 : Bhedikharag - Gangi (3110 mts) 11 kms/3 hrs

In the morning trek to Gangi in prepration for the long trek to the beautiful High altitude grasslands of Panwali Kantha.Arrive in Gangi at lunch, and visit local homes and the wooden temples which are very typical of this village. Across the valley to the South is the enticing view of the next day's stopover - Dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 10 : Gangi- Panwali Kantha grasslands (3658 mts ) 11 kms/9 - 10 hrs

Breakfast is had in the early hours in prepration for the 18 km to the Panwali Kantha grasslands, and setting out with packed lunches, the group must make an early start for a very long day! The route initially dips for the next 2 kms reaching the bridge over a frothing Bhilangana tributary , through thick mixed brush. On the opposite side South of Gangi, the trail takes an upward route, going through patches of forest, and grassy clearings. The views on this are staggering, as one gets to see the route of the trek to Khatling. Reach the sprawling grassland in time to see the vastness of the most famous highland grasslands in the Garhwal Himalayas, and savor the sun set, and the colours on the surrounding peaks. The shepherd cottages marking the beginning of the Bugyal are temporary dwellings as the advent of summers heralds a bountiful supply of fresh green grass for cows, and sheep alike! Dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 11 : Panwali Kantha grasslands - Maggu Chatti (2010 mts) /5 - 6 hours

The sunrise at the picturesque Panwali Kantha grassland is crisp and refreshing and the bright rays of the sun light up the surrounding peaks! Strange as it might sound, an amateur photographer is capable of taking very professional looking pictures, since the air is very clear and the colours vivid! Animals such as mules, cows, and large herds of sheep add to the beauty of these meadows. The trek to Maggu Chatti can be started by 12 in the noon, as most of the walk is a gentle affair, mostly over a grassy surface and offers beautiful sights wherever one might care to look! After consuming the packed lunch en route, arrive at Maggu Chatti a small hamlet consisting of a few small chai shops, and set amidst flat terraced fields. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 12 : Maggu Chatti - Trijuginarayan - Gaurikund (1982 mts) 6 kms/9 hrs

Post breakfast start the gentle descent to Trijuginarayan. The trek goes through patches of Oak and Rhodendron, mostly following the same contour till the small town of Trijuginarayan. The A special feature of the temple at Trijuginarayan is a perpetual fire, that burns in front of the temple. The flame is believed to burn from the times of the divine marriage of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati. The Vishnu temple that is said to have witnessed this holy matrimony, is a place of pilgrimage by thousands every year! After the prayers, continue on the 3 - 4 hour trek to Gaurikund (the roadhead to Kedarnath Temple) Dinner and overnight in hotel /camp.

Day 13 : Gaurikund - Haridwar - Delhi (235 kms/8 - 9 hrs) by road

Board the vehicle post breakfast, for the long and winding journey through river valleys to reach Haridwar. Hotel check in for bathing and freshening up; followed by overnight train to Delhi.

Day 14 : Delhi (160 kms/6 hrs)

Arrive the Delhi railway station meet with our representative and transfer to the hotel. Day at leisure. Evening airport departure, in time to board your flight.

Tour & Service End.

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